Barry Poulton, Ph.D.


Barry is a nationally recognized expert in the ecology and taxonomy of stoneflies (Plecoptera).  His research focuses on aquatic entomology, stream and river ecology, biological assessments,  and  environmental pollution.


Ph.D. Aquatic Ecology and Aquatic Entomology, University of North Texas-Denton, 1989

M.S. Aquatic Ecology and Aquatic Entomology,  University of North Texas-Denton

B.S. Fisheries Management, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


2013-present Member, Hinkson Creek Watershed Science Team

2008-2012 Member, Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan Science Team

2007-present Member, USGS Biodata Technical Working Group

1989-present Member, Sigma Xi National Honor Society

1987-present Member, North American Plecopter Society

1984-present Member, Society for Freshwater Science