Brandon Cobb


My name is Brandon Cobb and I am a Hydrologist located in the "NEW" Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center. I reside in Tennessee working out of the Nashville WSC. I matriculated through the SCEP program and I am now in my4th year of full time employment. I am a graduate of Tennessee State University where I got my undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering in 2008 and my Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering, with an emphasis in Water Quality Research, in 2010. 

I am in my fourth year of full-time work with the Survey.


Hardeman County Landfill (2011): 

This project was phase 2 of a study that was aimed to help eliminate contaminants from water sources. During this phase we were to identify sources of contamination to tributaries, evaluate contaminate transport and attenuation through wetlands, and evaluate sites for enhanced remediation.

During this study, we constructed a bio-reactor at a known site for contamination. The goal was to monitor how much contamination (Carbon Tetrechloride) would be reduced by letting the path of water flow through a "man-made" natural attenuation process.

Project Chief was Michael Bradley


GIS Work (2012):

 Land use mapping - Used ArcGIS to map land features in northern Alabama and parts of Tennessee. National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery was used from the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway in conjunction with Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) topographic maps published by the USGS to digitize and verify land used of farmers in the area.

    - This information and data and techniques used while using ArcGIS were presented at the Esri User Conference in 2013.

Project Chief was Jim Kingsbury


Project Management:

Reelfoot Lake (2011-Present):

I have been working on a project in cooperation with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) to get discharge ratings on a newly built spillway. I am making comparisons of how the old spillway operated (what kinds of discharge were expected over the old structure) in relation to the new spillway. These two spillways are built in different capacities but are expected to work in the same manner. 

I have also been working on a data report as well as a hydrology report for the entire Reelfoot Lake study area.


I am young, energetic, and excited about learning new materials. I am willing to work on new projects and I am open to learning as i progress with the work. I am a fast learner and a great communicator.  



I do not have any publications in the warehouse at this time, but I am currently working on a Hydrologic Report for Reelfoot Lake, which has not been done in nearly 30 years, as well as a data report for the Reelfoot study area.