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Brome McCreary

I am a member of the Adams Herpetological Research Team where I primarily hire, train, and supervise the lab’s seasonal field crew. I also lead the writing of our research Standard Operating Procedure sampling protocols.

I spent my childhood exploring and engrossed in the woods, streams and meadows on and around the small mountain farm where I grew up. This fostered a profound appreciation for the complexity and beauty of the natural world that quickly grew into a desire for life-long study and service to that world. I am passionate about doing work and living a life that contributes to our understanding of the ecological systems around us.

My professional goals are to facilitate the precise, accurate and repeatable collection of data in the field during the completion of our scientific research while ensuring our lab personnel’s safety as they conduct field research in an often-unpredictable outdoor environment.

My personal interests are: 

  • My family
  • Just about all aspects of natural history... 
  • Indigenous technology and skills, ancestral knowledge
  • Emergency preparedness 
  • Photography 
  • Woodworking, and
  • Designing, fabricating, and restoring cutlery

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