Byron Stone, PhD


Byron Stone is a Research Geologist in the Florence Bascom Geoscience Center, Reston, VA. Since joining the USGS as an NAGT field assistant in 1969, and as a fulltime geologist in 1974, he has devoted his career to studying Quaternary glacial geology and late Cenozoic clastic basins, and he specializes in glacial sedimentology and three-dimensional stratigraphic analyses.  He has contributed to geologic mapping projects in eight states, Morocco, and Cyprus.  Presently, his research focuses on the multiple glacial stratigraphic framework of the southern Great Lakes region and the southern glacial terminus region of northeastern U.S.



Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A., 1969

The Ohio State University, Geology summer field camp, 1968      

University of Vermont,  M.S., 1971

The Johns Hopkins University,  Ph.D., 1974


Career Experience:

Kentucky Cooperative Mapping Project:  National Association of Geology Teachers Field Assistant, detailed geologic mapping.

New Hampshire, Connecticut, and  Massachusetts Cooperative Projects: assistant geologist, detailed geologic mapping, Project Chief of Massachusetts Project

Upper Cenozoic Geology of Northern New Jersey Cooperative Mapping Project: Project Chief, detailed geologic mapping, intermediate-scale compilation map and stratigraphic framework of northern New Jersey

Geologic framework of the Middle Rio Grande region, New Mexico Cooperative Mapping and Modelling Project: geologist, detailed geologic mapping and 3D stratigraphic modelling for hydrogeologic applications

Central Great Lakes Coalition and Geology of Berrien County, Michigan: Project Chief, detailed geologic mapping, intermediate-scale compilation maps of Berrien County, Michigan, 3D subsurface data

Geology of the Jebel Saghro region, Morocco, and  Seismic Risk of the Nicosia Area, Cyprus International Cooperative Projects: geologist, detailed geologic mapping, intermediate-scale compilation maps of six field areas in southern Morocco, and the Nicosia, Cyprus, urban area.

Surficial Marerials Project and Quaternary Stratigraphic Framework of Massachusetts Project: Project Chief, detailed geologic mapping, intermediate-scale compilation map of Massachusetts and adjacent offshore areas; extensive legacy and new field data, lidar data, geophysical-surveys, subsurface data, new geochronologic techniques, glacial stratigraphy of the northeastern U.S.