Carrie Blakeslee



My research focuses on the behavioral and physiological response of aquatic organisms to environmental and anthropogenic changes.  My work currently centers on freshwater mussels and their host fish.  Freshwater mussels are ecosystem engineers and are of great ecological importance.  Through the research conducted at the Northern Appalachian Research Laboratory, we aim to increase our understanding on the response of these organisms to external stressors, determine ecological thresholds and limits for these species, and provide managers with information and tools needed to effectively manage for their conservation and restoration. 


  • Master of Science in Biology, 2008, Saint Joseph’s University

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2006, Millersville University

  • Bachelor of Science in Education, 2006, Millersville University

Current Position

Currently I am an ecologist with the Northern Appalachian Research Laboratory where I primarily conduct field and laboratory research on the behavior and physiology of freshwater mussels and their host fish.