Cecil Jennings, Ph.D.

I came to the Georgia Unit in 1994 as the Assistant Unit Leader Fisheries and have been the Unit Leader since 1997. Prior to Georgia, I was a research fisheries biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey's Upper Mississippi Science Center from 1990 to 1994.


Only Cecil's five most recent publications are shown here. For more information about Cecil, including a full publications list, visit his profile page on the Georgia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit web site. 

Cecil also can be reached at his University of Georgia email address: jennings@uga.edu


  • Ph D University of Florida 1990
  • MS Mississippi State Univeristy 1985
  • BA Carthage College 1981

Research Interests

Much of my research focuses on broad aspects of the biology, ecology, and management of imperiled fishes or fishes of economic or ecological importance and how such species or assemblages respond to habitat alterations. This work is done primarily in in rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching a course in scientific writing and communication. I also teach occasional seminars on special problems in fishery science and on the life history of fishes.