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Claire DeVaughan

Claire is the National Map Liaison for Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas and Nebraska.  She's also the NGP User Engagement Office, Federal Liaison/Communications Focus Area Lead (Acting). 

Claire DeVaughan is the National Map Liaison for Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas and Nebraska. She's also the acting Federal Liaison/Communications Focus Area Lead for the User Engagement Office.  As Liaison, she works with partners and users of The National Map to improve the timeliness, quality and accessibility of geospatial data for the user community. She has been involved in geospatial activities in Texas since 2003, Oklahoma since 2015, Utah since 2019, and Nebraska and Kansas since 2020. She has been with USGS since 1989, in various roles as a geographer and cartographer.

Professional Experience

  • Areas of expertise include: geospatial activities in Texas, Oklahoma and Utah, products and services of The National Map, data management, applied toponymy, and government relations.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Geography (Cartography Concentration), from Frostburg State University

  • Earned the designation of Certified Public Manager (CPM) from Texas State University in 2012

  • Certification as a Contracting Officer's Representative, Level II.

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