Dale Alan Cox


Dale A. Cox is currently the Project Manager for USGS Science Application for Risk Reduction (SAFRR) and former Regional Hazards Coordinator for the USGS Pacific Region (California, Nevada, Hawaii and Pacific Islands), Region IX Chair of the Department of Interior, Regional Emergency Coordination Council. Cox was one of the creators and the Project Manager of the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP) where he coordinated the work of over 300 scientists and experts in 2008 to create the ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario, the most comprehensive earthquake scenario ever created.  He is one several people awarded the USGS Eugene M. Shoemaker award for the “The Great ShakeOut Campaign“, that resulted in the largest emergency response exercise in the Nation’s history, now an international event, occurring annually with nearly 23 million people participating.  

Cox also led “ARkStorm,” a disaster scenario examining modern impacts of a storm analogous to those that impacted California in 1861/62.  He coordinated the 2010 Tsunami Summit in Kauai to improve community resiliency in the Pacific and the 2011 USGS post-fire response to the massive and devastating wildfires that struck Arizona and New Mexico.  Cox also managed the recently released HayWired earthquake scenario, a scientifically plausible and detailed depiction of a M7.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault. 

Dale A. Cox joined the US Geological Survey in 1994, where he surveyed and reported on the hydrologic conditions of the High Plains Aquifer. He was a coordinator of the Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum and the bathymetric mapping of Lake Tahoe. Cox also served as a coordinator of the National Oceans Conference, another presidential forum to raise awareness and develop global partnerships to tackle ocean issues.