Dale Griffin, Ph.D.

Dale is currently employed by the U.S. Geological Survey as an environmental public health microbiologist and is working on microbial water quality issues and long range dust storm associated dispersion of microorganisms around the globe. 


Dr. Griffin received a B.S. in Microbiology in 1990 from the University of South Florida (USF). In December of 1994 he received a Master of Science in Public Health, with a research focus on methods development (multiplex-PCR) for the detection of pathogenic protozoa (C. parvum and G. lamblia) in environmental samples, from USF (major advisor, Dr. Joan B. Rose). In December of 1999 he received a Ph.D. with a research focus on the use of molecular methods for detection of water quality indicator microorganisms and pathogenic viruses in fresh and marine waters from USF (major advisor, Dr. Joan B. Rose). In his first Post Doctoral position he worked with Dr. John H. Paul III at USF on human enterovirus detection assays, marine lysogeny and isolation of viruses lytic to the red-tide agent Karenia brevis. In his second Post Doctoral position he worked with Dr. Eugene A. Shinn (USGS) on a NASA funded grant to study microbiology and public health issues associated with transatlantic dust storms. Dr. Griffin was recently awarded Master Certificates in Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise Solutions and Organization Leadership from Villanova University. Dr. Griffin is currently serving as a Waksman Foundation Lecturer for ASM's Distinguished Lecturer Series. Current research projects include methods development, microbial water quality issues, pathogens in soils, the influence of aerosols on harmful algae and aerobiology.

Academic Degrees

1. Doctor of Philosophy, 1999. Department of Marine Sciences, USF.

2. Master of Science in Public Health, 1994. College of Public Health, USF.

3. Bachelor of Science, 1990. Microbiology, USF.

4. Associate of Arts, 1989. USF.

Academic Leadership Certificates

1. Essentials of Business Intelligence, 2017. Villanova University.

2. Master Certificate in Organizational Leadership, 2016. Villanova University.

3. Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, 2016. Villanova University.

4. Strategic Organizational Leadership, 2015. Villanova University.

5. Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions, 2015. Villanova University.

6. Essentials of Project Management, 2015. Villanova University.

7. Master Certificate in Six Sigma, 2015. Villanova University.

8. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, 2015. Villanova University.

9. Lean Six Sigma, 2014. Villanova University.

10. Six Sigma Green Belt, 2014. Villanova University.

11. Six Sigma Green Belt, 2014. Villanova University.

Other Leadership Education

1. Supervisor workshop. USGS, 2010.

2. Leadership Intensive. USGS, 2007.

3. Primary Non-Commissioned Officers Academy - U.S. Army. Graduated 1st in class, Awarded - Distinguished Leader. Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, 1980.