Daniel Beckman

BA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; University of Colorado, Boulder 2012

MS Computer Science Univerisy of Colorado, Denver 2022


Daniel Beckman is a Scientist and engineer with the US Geological Survey New York Water Science Center. HE work in the Hydrologic Applied Innovations Lab (HAIL) ans an AI Engineer. Daniel has worked in data for over twenty years. He started as a Counter Intelligence Special Agent working counter terrorism and using "Atmospherics' to predict hots spots of insurgent activity durring operation Edurring Freedom and later Operation Iraqi Fredom. 2008 he attend school first in pre-med chemistry and than after changing schools, Ecology and evolutionary biology. Daniel focused on population geneticsand genomics. 

He started working in labority science in 2013. First in infectious disease, then forensic chemisty and finally in genomics and next generation sequencing. Daniel was a pretty poor scientist and as such, felt the inefficiencies of lab work accutly. This led to "engineering" solutions to keep up with his more skilled cohorts. He found he liked this more than actual lab work. In 2016 he he stepped away from is job at a genomics startup and threw himself into computer science and applied engineering at the University of Colorado, Denver. 

Pulling on his years in data, Daniel began working in Artificial Intelligence. Although he has worked in most areas of AI, he is strongest in computer vision methodologies.

He joined the Survey in 2017 as a pathways intern. Since that time he has focused on working on technology that can improve and empower the work of scientist, engineers, and technicians at the survey. Daniel is a complete geek for emerging technology. He enjoys building and tinkering with sensors, cameras, and robotics. He lives in Northern Colorado with Wife, Daughter, two dogs, and four chickens.