Daniel G Sorenson


Daniel Sorenson has worked for the government for over 25 years.  Currently I am a geographer working with the Western Geographic Science Center in Seattle, WA.

Before entering government service I received a B.A. from Carthage College in Geography, Conservation, and German. At the University of Minnesota I earned a M.S. in Forestry with emphasis in remote sensing and computer cartographer. I also received a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at St. Cloud State University.

I started my federal career with the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) as a geographer in the Geographic Names Branch. I edited the names and legends of maps and charts plus translated the Germanic language maps into English.  As a cartographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), I compiled nautical charts, working mainly in the Gulf of Mexico region of the United States.  When I joined the U.S. Geographic Survey (USGS), I started as an assistance supervisor for the Digital Orthophoto Quad (DOQ) program reviewing the completed DOQs. After transferring to Seattle I have worked mainly on the Trends and National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD).  I have also been a part of the accuracy assessment of the NLCD product. My primary interest and expertise is image processes, especially Landsat imagery, in land cover mapping.