Daniel M Griffith, PhD

Field ecologist and biogeographer focusing on the drivers of vegetation distributions and transitions among biomes. I use data synthesis approaches that link hyperspectral remote sensing with large datasets of traits, species distributions, and evolution. 


My overarching research interests include:

  • What are the drivers of vegetation distributions, and to what extent are non-climatic factors important?
  • At what scale (grain and extent) are biotic versus abiotic filters important determinants of community assembly?
  • How do plant traits and evolutionary trade-offs among traits contribute to ecological functioning?
  • Can our research be translated into improved representation of biogeography in earth system models?


2011 – 2016 Ph.D. Biology, Wake Forest University
2006 – 2010 B.A. Biology, Vassar College


2019 – Research Ecologist, NASA-USGS Postdoctoral Program, NASA Ames Research Center
2016 – 2019 Postdoctoral, Oregon State University
2017 – 2018 Postdoctoral, University of Utah
2012 – 2013 Graduate Research Fellowship, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
2011 – 2015 Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation


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