David Bunnell


Trained as an Aquatic Ecologist, I am most interested in trophic interactions occurring between fish and their prey.  I am particularly interested in how these interactions are influence by anthropogenic stressors, such as nonindigenous species and climate change.  I am also interested in life history strategies and how these can evolve to influence the population dynamics of managed fish species.  Within the USGS Great Lakes Science Science, I am assigned to the Lake Michigan section, but am fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate on research questions across the Great Lakes basin.



Ph.D.       2002.  The Ohio State University; Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Columbus, OH.  Dissertation Title: “Exploring mechanisms regulating recruitment of white crappie in Ohio reservoirs.” 

M.S.        1997.  Clemson University; Fisheries Biology, Clemson, SC.  Thesis title: “Diel movement of brown trout in a southern Appalachian river.”

B.S.          1995.  Centre College, Magna cum laude; Biology, Danville, KY. 


Professional Experience

October 2004 – present.  Research Fishery Biologist, USGS Great Lakes Science Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

August 2003 – October 2004.  Assistant Research Scientist, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Solomons, Maryland.

August 2002 – August 2003.  Post-doctoral researcher, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Wheatley, Ontario.   

July 1997 – December 2002.  Graduate Research Associate, Ohio State University, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Columbus, Ohio. 

July 1995 – May 1997.  Graduate Research Associate, Clemson University Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Clemson, SC.  





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