David Stonestrom

David Stonestrom

Research Hydrologist

National Research Program

Email: dastones@usgs.gov
Phone: 650-329-4528
Fax: 650-329-4538

345 Middlefield Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025



Dave Stonestrom is a Research Hydrologist in the National Research Program (NRP) of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area. He serves as the NRP Research Coordinator of the USGS Amargosa Desert Research Site (ADRS) and as a co-editor of Vadose Zone Journal. As Lead Scientist for “Integrative Unsaturated Zone Studies,” he conducts field, laboratory, and theoretical research into processes governing fluid, solute, and energy transport through unsaturated zones in relation to groundwater recharge, pedogenesis, contaminant transport, environmental health, groundwater-surface water interactions, and evolution of hydrologic systems through time. He has conducted investigations of unsaturated zones in settings ranging from tropical mountain rainforests to outgassing alpine volcanoes and coastal wetlands to hyperarid deserts. He holds a BS in Geology from Dickinson College and MS and PhD degrees in Hydrology from Stanford University.


Co-determination apparatus and method for simultaneous measurement of parametric functions of unsaturated flow (Stonestrom and Rubin, 1989a, 1989b).

Soapfilm flowmeter device for measuring gas flow rates, U. S. Patent No. 258,955, U. S. Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC (D.A. Stonestrom, 1990).

Cryodistillation apparatus for quantitative analysis of the isotopic composition of unsaturated zone water (Prudic, Stonestrom, and Striegl, 1997;Stonestrom, Prudic and Striegl, 1999).

Unsaturated zone gas samplers, NSF Critical Zone Exploration Network, Nov. 2006http://www.czen.org/files/czen/Soil%20Site%20Instrumentation-Gas%20Samplers.pdf.


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