Elizabeth Hittle

Education B.S Marine Science and Geology, University of Miami (FL), 1996   Professional Experience:   Elizabeth Hittle has worked with the U.S. Geological Survey for 17 years.  She started her career in Miami, Fl as a hydrologic technician working for the hydrologic surveillance data program collecting and computing basic streamflow data.  As hydroacoustic technology became available, Miami was in the forefront of computing streamflow data using acoustic Doppler velocity meters (ADVMs) and Elizabeth helped to develop a number of the index-velocity ratings that were used.  In 2002, Elizabeth was converted to a hydrologist and assisted in a number of projects including a turbidity/sediment study.  In 2006, Elizabeth transferred to the Pennsylvania Water Science Center, Pittsburgh where she is currently located.   While in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth has been the local ADCP and hydroacoustic technology resource.  She is continuing to develop her expertise in index-velocity technology by assistingother water science centers in their work.  At this time, Elizabeth is a member of the Hydoacoustic Work Group and the Surface Water Users Group.