Erich Mueller

Erich Mueller is a research hydrologist specializing in fluvial geomorphology at the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center and Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center. Current projects focus on the geomorphic effects of dams and controlled floods, and their management implications, in the Colorado River basin. 



Ph.D. in Geography, University of Colorado (2012)

M.A. in Geography, University of Colorado (2002)

B.S. in Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin (2000)

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Current Projects

  1. Geomorphic change in the delta of the Colorado River in response to post-dam floods and the 2014 U.S.-Mexico Minute 319 delta environmental flow release
  2. Spatial and temporal variability in sandbar dynamics in response to controlled floods of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon
  3. Effects of climate change on wildfire-induced sediment yields and implications for channel response in the Western U.S.
  4. Response of the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado and Utah to post-dam floods
    • Mueller, Grams, Schmidt et al.2014a and 2014b
  5. Coupling sediment yields from terrestrial landscapes to submarine canyon development along the west coast of the U.S.

Past Projects:

  1. Geomorphology and sediment transport dynamics of braided streams
    • Pitlick, Mueller, Segura2012; Mueller and Pitlick2013 and 2014
  2. Lithologic, topographic, and climatic controls on sediment yields and channel morpho-dynamics
    • Mueller and Pitlick2013Mueller et al., 2016
  3. Sediment routing, bed armoring, and modeling of sediment yields in mountain stream networks
    • Mueller and Pitlick2005Pitlick, Mueller et al., 2008Mueller et al., 2016
  4. Sediment transport thresholds in gravel-bed streams and rivers
    • Mueller et al., 2005
  5. Weathering and sediment yields in modern vs. Eocene Rocky Mountains
    • Smith, Carroll, Mueller2008