Gordon Rattray


Gordon Rattray is currently conducting scientific investigations on the chemistry and hydrology of groundwater in the eastern Snake River Plain (ESRP) aquifer at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and the hydrogeology of the Camas National Wildlife Refuge (CNWR). Extensive chemical data sets from groundwater are being interpreted to understand the sources and movement of groundwater at the INL. This information will help in understanding the fate and transport of chemical wastes in the ESRP aquifer that were derived from the INL. At the CNWR, sediment, streamflow in water conveyance ditches, pond or lake stage level, and groundwater level data was collected. These data will be used to understand the distribution and hydraulic properties of the sediment, seepage rates from ditches, ponds, and lakes, and flow between surface water and groundwater.



B.S Geology Univ. of Washington

M.S. Environmental Science Univ. of Colorado at Denver