Jeffery Hartley

I am a cartographic technician with the Enterprise Publishing Network Denver Publishing Service Center office, Denver Federal Center.  I have experience in the use of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Mapublisher to create graphs, photographs, illustrations, and maps for all USGS series reports, posters, and journal articles. I have extensive knowledge in using ArcInfo 10 to build GIS layers for the creation of topographic, planimetric, and thematic maps for use in reports, research, and field work.


USGS work history I joined the USGS as a cartographic technician in September 1992 with the Water Resource Division, Kansas District.  At that time, I hand drafting maps and graphs for Water-Resources Investigations Reports, Open-File Reports, Fact Sheets, Water-Supply Papers, and Professional Papers. Part of this process included preparing prepress plates and color proofs of maps and graphs in a darkroom using a vertical camera, high intensity xenon and photo flood lamps, a vacuum frame, light-sensitive paper and film, and developing chemicals.  In 1995, I began using graphic computers to create report figures and graphs cutting out the prepress plate making and using a color printer for color proofs. In 2003, I was transferred to the Enterprise Publishing Network, Rolla Publishing Service Center of the Geospatial Information Office.  This has expanded my experience in working with geological- and biological-related maps, illustrations, graphs and photographs.   Software history Adobe Illustrator I have used Adobe Illustrator since 1995 in creating report figures.  This is my primary software in building maps, illustrations, and graphs for USGS reports in print and on the Web.  I currently use Adobe Illustrator CS6 in my work. Adobe Photoshop I have used Adobe Photoshop since 1996 in working with photographs for USGS reports.  My experience has been with digital and scanned photographs for use in reports as figures or on the report cover.  I currently use Adobe Photoshop CS6. Adobe InDesign I have been using InDesign since 2007 in laying out USGS report covers, figures, text, and tables. My experience has been limited to Scientific Investigations Reports, and Scientific Investigations Maps.  I currently use Adobe InDesign CS4. ESRI ArcInfo I have been using ArcInfo since 1999 in making maps for USGS reports and author’s research and field work.  My experience with ArcInfo is extended to using Arc workstation, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox, and ArcMap to build and edit GIS data and tables. I currently use ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.  Education Bachelor of Science, Cartography East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma 1992 Bachelor of Business Administration, General Business University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, 1985