Jennifer Walter



Jennifer Walter is a Cartographer/Standards Specialist within the National Geospatial Technical Operation Center's Applied Research Section.  Jennifer has over 18 years of experience working on interdisciplinary teams conducting applied research to support public-sector decision-making.  


Jennifer has been with USGS for over 10 years where her current work includes publishing specifications for geospatial data and map products, developing and maintaining a specifications content management system, and researching how to implement the suite of ISO metadata standards for geospatial metadata into The National Map products.  Previous USGS work included contributing to The National Map Corps Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI) pilot projects for collecting road and structure data, performing data assessments of road and trail datasets, recommending data schema changes to the Trail feature class in the USGS BP Transportation Model to incorporate the FGDC Federal Trails Standard, and editing transportation data for The National Transportation Dataset.  


Prior to working at the USGS, Jennifer worked for over 8 years at a not-for-profit environmental consulting company conducting applied research at Superfund and hazardous waste sites, and conducting applied research to support policy development for the assessment of hazardous waste sites.  This work included: study design, database design, data integration, data analysis, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, technical report writing, preparing responsiveness summaries to public comments, website content development, technical support for national workgroups, beta testing software, and project management. 



  • MA, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Colorado-Denver
  • Graduate Certificate, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), University of Colorado-Denver
  • MS/MPA, Environmental Science and Public Affairs (Environmental Policy), Indiana University-Bloomington
  • BA, Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Drury College



  • Public Policy
  • Standards Development
  • Applied Research
  • Technical Writing
  • Analysis to Support Decision-Making
  • Data Integration
  • GIS Analysis
  • Semantic Web
  • Linked Data
  • Public Health
  • Risk Assessment
  • Brownfields
  • Economic and Community Development



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  • Archuleta, C.M., Fishburn, K.A., McNinch K.L., Walter, J.L., Liu, L., 2015, “Introduction to the USGS Standards Database Explorer,” 2015 ASPRS Imaging and Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF), Tampa, FL May 2015
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