Jeremy Pesicek, Ph.D.




earthquake location methods, seismic tomography, earthquake source mechanisms, volcano seismology, earthquake statistics, eruption forecasting



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  • PhD, Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 2009
  • MS, Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 2006
  • BS, Geology, cum laude, honors, University of North Carolina Wilmington, May 2003
  • BA, Physics, cum laude, University of North Carolina Wilmington, May 2003



  • Research Geophysicist, USGS Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (Vancouver, WA), August 2015 – present
  • Senior Geophysicist, Spectraseis Inc. (Denver, CO), March 2013 – June 2015
  • Assistant Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, July 2011- February 2013
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 2009-June 2011
  • Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison, January 2006-August 2009
  • Geoscience Intern, ExxonMobil Exploration Company (Houston, TX), June 2005-August 2005
  • Staff Scientist, CBM Environmental Services (Charlotte, NC), August 2003-June 2004



National Science Foundation grant, High-Resolution Structure and Seismicity of the Central Chile Subduction Zone, EAR-Geophysics, PI J.D. Pesicek, Co-PIs C. Thurber (UW) and H. Zhang (MIT), Start date: 07/01/11, Duration: 24 months, UW award: $147,678.