Joseph Bell

Hello, I am a hydrologist out of the USGS Baltimore/Catonsville office working with teams from the USGS Observations Systems Division (OSD), and the Laboratory & Analytical Services Division (LASD) to improve environmental monitoring.  


My Work with OSD:

Rapid advances and decreasing costs in technology, as applied to environmental sensing systems, are promoting a shift toward using affordable (inexpensive, not cheap), high-fidelity, ecosystem monitoring networks to support a need to forecast water resources across scale(s). I am working with a team to implement a Technical Readiness Level (TRL) evaluation strategy for OSD and the Next Generation Water Observing System Program (NGWOS) to systematically evaluate these emerging assets, and future innovative technical ideas for inclusion in USGS Water Mission Area environmental-monitoring workflows. I am working to develop a strategy that includes guides for users like data chiefs, study chiefs, and researchers who may need a framework for organizing the replacement of aging/obsolete monitoring equipment; for evaluating the readiness of a refined prototype for use in High-Impact Hydrologic Research projects; or that provides direction on the style of technology transfer agreements that may be required to legally protect an innovative idea along the path to archived outcomes.


My Work with LASD:

I am part of a team that is evaluating the Aquarius Samples database software for integration into Water Mission Area discrete field-data collection, storage, and publication workflows.


MS: Geology, University of South Carolina

BS: Geology and Environmental Science, James Madison University