Karen R Watson

Karen started with the USGS in September 1975 and has worked in a variety of clerical and scientific positions for the Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center.


Karen started with the USGS in September 1975 as a clerk typist.  I soon converted to the technical field and finally ended up as a Hydrologic Technician in the Casper Field Office.  I am responsible for the collection, compilation, review, and publication of hydrologic data throughout central and eastern Wyoming.  I also am responsible of compiling a format for water quality samples collected in Wyoming and Montana for the data section.  I am the water quality specialist for the Casper Field Office.  I was involved in several projects for the  investigative studies section.  Those included the Kendrick Irrigation project and some help on the Warren Air Force Base.  I also went on one of  the synoptic trips in the Grand Canyon in 1991.  I have assisted in training class for water quality sampling on several occasions. I have been a mentor to many young technicians throughout my career.


A.S. Business Administration, Casper College, 1975.