Kari J Craun

Kari J. Craun is the Director of the National Geospatial Technical Operations Center. This Center performs a wide range of functions in support of maintaining a nationally consistent coverage of base geospatial data for the United States. Ms. Craun is a Past-President of ASPRS and the Cartographic and Geographic Information Society.



M.S. GeoInfo Science, NWMSU, 2014; M.S.Photogrammetry, Purdue, 1987; B.S. Geology, Univ of MO-KC, 1984


2006 to present - Director, NGTOC; 2005-2006 - Chief NSDI Partnership Office, Central Region; 2001-2005 - Chief, Mid-Continent Mapping Center


Past President, Fellow of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing; Past-President, Treasurer of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society


GIS, cartography, photogrammetry, topographic mapping, imagery and elevation data, volunteered geographic information

Non-USGS Partners

The NGTOC has over 100 active partnerships with other Federal, State, and local agencies; primary Federal partnerships are with FEMA; NRCS; NGA; USFS; U.S. Census Bureau