Kyle McLean


I am broadly interested in aquatic community ecology. I began working with Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in 2009 as a seasonal biological technician. I continued to be involved with NPWRC projects for the next eight years as a technician, volunteer, greaduate student, and ecologist. In 2016 I accepted a Pathways appointment where I continue to serve as a USGS ecologist while pursuing a PhD in Environmental and Conservation Sciences at North Dakota State University. My research interests involve invistigating the mechanisms that regulate diversity, ecosystem function, and resilience of biotic communitites in aquatic ecosystems. My dissertation research will focus using long-term data from the Cottonwood Lakes Study Area in order to better understand and identify the potential mechanistic pathways in which biotic communities are assembled in the Prairie Pothole Region.


  • M.S. (2015) Environmental and Conservation Sciences, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND,
  • B.S. (2011)  Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Biology, Valley City State University, Valley City, ND