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Lisa A Wald

Lisa has worked for the USGS since 1987, first as a Research Geophysicist and then as a Science Communicator and Web Content Manager for the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, the Landslide Hazards Program, the Geomagnetism Program, and the Natural Hazards Mission Area. She is also a member of Natural Hazards Mission Science Communications Team.

Computer/Software Experience

  • HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, WordPress.

Relevant Experience in Science Communications and Graphic Design & Layout

  • Created and coordinated an Education & Outreach Program for the USGS Earthquake Hazards Team office in Pasadena, CA with no budget; created USGS Public Lecture Series, created and lead Teacher Workshops to teach teachers how to teach classrooms  about earthquakes  with hands-on materials.
  • Created classroom activities for K-6 to teach about various earthquake science.
  • Forged a partnership with the KidSpace Museum in Pasadena, CA, and served as a scientific consultant for their new hands-on earthquake exhibit; worked with exhibit designers.
  • Created and presented hands-on talks/presentations about earthquakes to K-6 classrooms and community organizations throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.
  • Coordinated several-year long project to completely redesign the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program website, which involved several  1000 webpages, and web developers spread in several offices throughout the US.
  • Coordinated USGS “booths” at local, regional, and national meetings and answered questions.
  • Author and co-author, and graphic design and layout of many USGS Fact Sheets, which are publications that communicate science to the general public; general 5000-10,000 copies printed at a time often with second printings.
  • Created  posters, flyers, and brochures for Pasadena and Golden USGS office events, internal and public.
  • Science writer for USGS "Science for Everyone" articles.

Science Communications Articles for a Non-Technical Audience

  • Science for Everyone articles - Earthquake Hazards Program
  • Science for Everyone articles - Landslide Hazards Program
  • Science for Everyone articles - Geomagnetism Program

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