Marc Chalupnicki


In 1999, I attended Onondaga Community College where I studied Mathematics and Science. While at O.C.C., I enrolled in a course in which I was able to travel to San Salvador and study tropical marine biology. This sparked my interest in marine biology and led me to continue my studies at SUNY Brockport. I graduated in 2001 from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Biology with a minor in Chemistry. After graduation, I began working at a Soil and Water Conservation District as part of the Youth Corps and found a new interest in freshwater ecology. My curiosity about environmental science and the interactions between aquatic organisms and their environment continued to grow and I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Aquatic Ecology/Toxicology again at SUNY Brockport. Since 2004, I have been working as a Research Technician at the USGS Tunison Lab of Aquatic Science in Cortland. NY. In my posiotion I have the ability to assist researchers on a variety of topics that include fish ecology, fish diet analysis, stream habitat assessment, GAP analysis, Atlantic Salmon and Caoregonid fish culture, and fish physiology to name a few.

I have worked at the Tunison Lab of Aquatic Science in Cortland, NY for the past eight years as a biological science technician.During that time I have assisted research scientist on various projects that have ranged from habitat assessments, diet evaluations, simulation computer modeling of the Great Lakes benthic organisms, toxicology and avoidance testing. The first two years involved an intense field evaluation of lake sturgeon distribution and habitat use in a northern tributary to the St. Lawrence River. I was then assigned to assist multiple research scientists where I am still today on their variouse research projects and play an important role in collecting the filed data, inputing the raw data, analyzing the results and at times helping write up the findings in a publication or a presentation. 

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