Mark Sogge



As Regional Director for the Southwest Region, Mark Sogge oversees USGS centers and regional partnerships in Arizon, California, and Nevada.

Career History and Highlights

Mark began his federal career in 1983 and has held a variety of science and leadership positions with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, and USGS. Prior to beginning federal service, Mark worked as a chemist in the Research and Development divisions at the IBM facilities in San Jose, California, and held a variety of other private sector jobs. As a USGS ecologist and research scientist from 1996 - 2008, he led studies that focused on threatened and endangered birds, and Southwest riparian habitats.

Mark has extensive experience in USGS science management and leadership, starting as Station Leader at the Southwest Biological Science Center (2005-2008), as Chief of Staff for the Western Regional Director (2008-2010), as Associate Regional Executive for the former Pacific Southwest Region (2010-2012), and most recently as Associate Regional Director in the Southwest Region (2012-2013).

Over the course of his tenure with USGS, Mark has undertaken numerous temporary assignments including Director of the Columbia River Research Lab (2003), Deputy Western Region Biologist (2006), national Program Coordinator for Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources (2007), Western Region Deputy Director (2008), Chief of the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (2009), and Pacific Southwest Area Senior Science Advisor (2010). In the summer of 2010, he was assigned to the BP Crisis Center in Houston, where he assisted USGS Director Marcia McNutt in coordinating science teams responding to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Mark is currently Regional Director for the Southwest Region, overseeing USGS science centers located in Arizon, California, and Nevada. He also works closely with other federal, state, and other leaders to provide key science related to complex and challenging natural resource issues.


Mark received his bachelor's degree in chemistry/biochemistry from San Jose State University, and a master's degree in zoology from the University of California Davis. Mark grew up in the Sacramento area, spent 23 years in Flagstaff, Arizona, then moved back to Sacramento in 2013 to take the Southwest Regional Director role.