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Michael Kenner

Michael Kenner is a biologist at the Western Ecological Research Center.

Michael Kenner is a USGS biologist whose primary interests are the factors effecting the community ecology of nearshore systems, particularly kelp forests and the rocky intertidal. Managing long-term intertidal and subtidal monitoring studies at San Nicolas Island in southern California has provided a fascinating counterpoint to ecological shifts that he has observed in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Michael has worked for decades in the sea otter’s historic and current range, from the Russian Kurile Islands to Baja California. He has had a unique opportunity to appreciate both the importance and the limitations of sea otters in the structuring of ecosystems. The ecological research our team has conducted over the years has informed our view of, not only the effects sea otters have throughout their range, but also the ability of the ecosystem to support them.


MS California State University, Hayward and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 1988 Marine Sciences

BS University of California, Irvine 1980 Biological Science

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