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Monica M Moritsch, PhD

Monica is a Research Ecologist at the US Geological Survey studying climate adaptation and ecosystem services of coastal ecosystems, focusing on wetlands and coral reefs.

She uses a combination of remote sensing data, field measurements, and sediment models to evaluate whether different management actions will allow tidal marshes to keep up with sea level rise and whether these marshes will continue to supply ecosystem services. This work, funded by the USGS Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center, focuses on the Nisqually River Delta and other estuaries in Puget Sound.

Monica is also working to identify locations with high potential resilience for coral reefs in the waters of American Samoa and Guam. In coordination with the USGS Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center and the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System, she synthesizes data from a myriad of local and national monitoring efforts to answer questions on where conditions could be beneficial for coral survival with a changing climate and growing land-based stressors.

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