Nicholas Johnson, PhD


I study fisheries with a focus on invasive species control and native species restoration in the Great Lakes.  My work links the experimental sciences of sensory ecology, physiology, and behavior with applied fish population dynamics and adaptive management to inform policy.  I became a research ecologist with USGS, Great Lakes Science Center, Hammond Bay Biological Station in 2009, serve in adjunct appointments at several universities in Michigan, and am an assoicate editor of the Journal of Great Lakes Research.  My research is mostly in collaboration with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission where I am a member of several Task Forces and Coordinator of the Supplemental Sea Lamprey Control Initative. Research brings me the most joy when done with students and when my neighbors in Northern Michigan understand why it matters.

Most recent publication record available at my google scholar page:

Education:     Ph. D., Michigan State University, Dec 2008.

Dual degree in Fisheries and Wildlife and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program

Dissertation: Behavioral Responses of Sea Lamprey to Mating Pheromone Components.

Major Professor: Dr. Weiming Li                       

M.S., Michigan State University, Dec 2005.

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Thesis: Investigating potential applications of the male sex pheromone in sea lamprey management.

Major Professor: Dr. Weiming Li

B.S., summa cum laude, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, May 2004.

College of Natural Resources

Majors:  Fisheries/Limnology and Biology


Professional Experience and Service:

·   Acting Station Supervisor, USGS, Great Lakes Science Center, Hammond Bay Biological Station 03Jan11 to 12Sep11 and 18Jan2020 to 01Feb2021.

.    Coordinator of Supplemental Sea Lamprey Control Initative, 2019- present.

.   Advised or co-advised 15 gradulate students/USGS interns

·   SCUBA Dive Team Member. USGS. 19Aug11 to present. 

·   Member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Sea Lamprey Trapping Task Force, 2012 – present.

·   Cheboygan River Sea Lamprey Work Group member. 2012 to present.

·   Member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Sea Lamprey Reduction in Reproduction Task Force, 2009-2012.

·   Member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Sea Lamprey Assessment Task Force, 2009-2011.

·   Member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Sea Lamprey Barrier Task Force, 2010-present.