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The common thread in my research has been the influence of human-induced,ecosystem modifications on species interactions. The human modifications I have investigated range from row-crop agriculture and rangeland management to the impact of introduced species. The majority of my research experience has focused on interactions between birds and their predators in human-altered landscapes. I have assessed how predators respond to landscape composition surrounding fragmented grasslands in an agricultural ecosystem and the impact on nesting birds. I have further investigated interactions between birds and snakes in a relatively contiguous tallgrass prairie by modeling the overlap of predator and prey habitat to illustrate how grazing and burning may exacerbate interactions. My current research investigates the effectiveness of control technologies to minimize the impact of brown treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on the endangered Mariana Swiftlet (Aerodramus bartschi) on Guam. I perform additional research on the impact of invasive species on native fauna in southern Florida where invasive constrictor snakes and tegu lizards threaten local biodiversity. 



Ph.D. Biology, Kansas State University (2009)

M.S. Biology, University of Nebraska (2005)

B.S. Environmental Science and Policy, Drake University (2001)



Research Ecologist, US Geological Survey, Fort Collins Science Center (2013-present)

Assistant Director, University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center - West (2010-2012) 

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Division of Biology, Kansas State University (2005-2009) 

Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska (2003-2005)

Biological Project Assistant, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (2002)

Biological Field Technician, University of Pittsburgh (2001)



American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

The National Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Cooper Ornithological Society








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