Paul Exter

Mr. Exter serves as the USGS Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and works to assure all USGS offices are integrated into the mission and vision of the Informatin Technology and Security Office.


Mr. Exter is the USGS Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Since 2003, Paul has served in varying positions in the Information Technology and Security Office (ITSO).  Paul has acted as the USGS CTO, for Kevin T. Gallagher since 2005.  Paul was named the USGS CTO in May of 2009. As the USGS Chief Technology Officer Paul oversees the operation of information technology systems and networks supporting bureauwide computing and telecommunications. Before joining the ITSO, Mr. Exter held various position in the Water Resource Discipline (WRD), including Eastern Region, Regional Computer Specialist.  Paul was also the Lead Supervisory Information Technology Specialist in the Maryland Water Science Center. Paul also servers as the Co-Chair for the DOI Chief Technology Officers Council. Mr. Exter holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Geography from Towson University, in Maryland.  Paul also holds various Microsoft Certified Engineer certifications.