Richard Verdi


Richard J. Verdi is the Chief of Hydrologic Surveillance at the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Water Science Center in Northborough, MA.  Before moving to Massachusetts in July 2012, Richard was Hydrologist and Field Office Chief at the Florida Water Science Center in Tallahassee.  His responsibilities include maintaining cooperative relationships and fostering new ones with local, state, and Federal agencies to develop complex multi-disciplinary hydrologic data collection programs, supervising a staff of highly skilled hydrologists and hydrographers, ensuring that projects meet the goals of the USGS Science Strategy, and representing the USGS at meetings and conferences (public, cooperator, legislative, and professional).

Richard has also lead as Project Chief and senior author, as well as co-authored numerous complex hydrologic reports and journal articles.  His primary research interests are in flood and drought hazards and statistics.

Richard has been an active member of the NWISWeb Users Group (NWUG) since 2004.  The NWUG represents the external (non-USGS) users of USGS water data provided via NWISWeb only. The NWUG focuses on requirements that define and qualify the data, information, and "business functions" needed to improve the products and services provided directly to external users via NWISWeb.


Florida State University–Tallahassee, Florida 
Degree: Master of Science in Geography
Completion Date: April 2007
Advisor: Dr. Xiaojun Yang
Thesis Title: Implications of Spatial Resolution on Hydrological Network Modeling: A Case Study in the Chipola River Basin, Florida

Florida International University–Miami, Florida
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Geology
Completion Date: December 2001
Advisor: Dr. Florentin Maurrasse        
Undergraduate Research Title: Identification of Petrographic Facies and Quantification of Porosity in Pleistocene Platform Carbonates, Southeastern Florida