Scott Starratt


I am a micropaleontologist who uses diatoms, chrysophytes, testate amoebae, and foraminifera to reconstruct the past environments of lakes, estuaries, and the ocean. In addition to these biological proxies, I use sediment geochemistry (biogenic silica, inorganic geochemistry, grain size) data to provide a more complete picture of paleoenvironmental conditions.




2004 - Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley (Geography)


1989 - M.A. University of California, Berkeley (Paleontology)


1981 - B.A. Whitman College (Geology-Chemistry)


1981 - B.A. Whitman College (Biology)



Professional Experience


2009 - Present       Research Geologist, Volcano Science Center


2002 - 2009            Geologist, Volcano Science Center


1996 - 2010            Adjunct Professor, University of California, San Francisco State University, Berkeley City College, College of San Mateo, and Canada College


1996 - 2002            Physical Science Technician, Volcano Science Center


1990 - 1995            Geologist, Technical Reports Unit


1989 - 1990            Field Technician, Utah Geological and Mineral Survey


1983 - 1987            Senior Museum Preparator, University of California Museum of Paleontology


1981 - 1983,           Geologist, Bechtel Civil and Minerals



Selected Publications


Research Papers


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Edited Volumes


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