Shana Lichelle Mashburn


Shana Mashburn is currently the Studies Chief of the Oklahoma Branch of the USGS Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center in Oklahoma City. She received a Master’s degree in Geology from Oklahoma State University in 2003. Shana has been working for the USGS since 2001 and started as a student Hydrologic Technician. She worked for the USGS Colorado Water Science Center in Denver from 2005 to 2007 on water quality of the South Platte River alluvium and Denver Basin aquifers. Shana served as the Groundwater Specialist of the Oklahoma Water Science Center from 2008-2018. Shana also worked for the Oklahoma Water Survey in Norman, Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma during 2018 on collaborative hydrologic projects. Her projects in Oklahoma have included studies on alluvial aquifers and bedrock hydrogeology. Shana worked in a collaborative study team on the Garber-Wellington aquifer, in cooperation with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, that included potentiometric-surface maps, percent-sand-based geologic framework, groundwater-flow modeling with water-use allocation scenarios. In addition, Shana has been involved in the Rush Springs aquifer studies for the Caddo Nation that included water-level data collection, streambed-conductance measurements, analysis of groundwater/surface-water interactions, springs inventory, and water budget and water-use modeling. She has worked on various water concerns with Tribes across Oklahoma, including the Osage Nation, Absentee Shawnee Tribe, Chickasaw Nation, Pawnee Nation, and Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes. Shana has more recently been working with Hydrologists in the Studies Section on various projects throughout the state including hydrogeologic framework and modeling of water quantities of the Boone and Roubidoux aquifers in northeastern Oklahoma and the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer in south-central Oklahoma.  


M.S. in Geology, Oklahoma State University, May 2003

B.S. in Geology, Oklahoma State University, May 2000


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