Steve Longsworth


I am the Deputy Chief of the Science Publishing Network (SPN) and am collocated with the Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center in Helena, Montana. The SPN provides publishing support to authors in all mission areas of the USGS. From May 2006 through September 2009, I was Chief of the Helena Publishing Service Center, which supported authors in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Prior to that, I led groundwater studies and managed the publications section as a hydrologist in the Arizona Water Science Center. I enjoy working with other SPN staff and with authors to get USGS science and data into the hands of decision makers and the general public.

I began my USGS career in 1983 while completing my geology degree at Georgia State University. My involvement in hydrologic data-collection and database activities led to new project opportunities, including various studies of the coastal and piedmont areas of Georgia. Project topics included pesticide migration in the unsaturated zone; groundwater movement, availability, and quality; sediment transport; and saltwater intrusion. In 1987, I accepted a position in the Arizona Water Science Center in Tucson where I was involved in groundwater, surface-water, and water-quality studies and joined a research team investigating acidic mine drainage as part of the USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program. I went on to complete a study of the effects of leachate from uranium mine spoils on shallow groundwater. In 1994, I accepted the new position of technical reports specialist (supervisory hydrologist) in the center and served on the center’s management team. Following consolidation of USGS publishing support in 2005, I became the chief of the new Helena Publishing Service Center in Montana and served in that position until October 2009 when I began coordinating technical activities in the SPN on a national basis. I am a past member of the Georgia Groundwater Association, the Arizona Hydrological Society, and the Association of Earth Science Editors.