Timothy M Kresse




Educational Preparation


         Geochemistry with emphasis on groundwater chemistry

         Contaminant transport

Work Experience

         Field hydrogeology

                  Monitoring well design, drilling, and development; Phase I and II site investigations;

                  Remediation design and implementation; Groundwater sampling and analysis;

                  Shallow surface and down-hole geophysics

         Project design and management

                  Designed all aspects of contaminated site investigation and remediation projects

                  Project planning for ambient and special groundwater monitoring projects

         Business development

                  Built and developed client base for consulting firm

Management Experience

         Supervision of geologists, drillers, technical writers, and field technicians

Publications and Presentations

         Author or co-author of numerous publications and reports

         Presented numerous papers at professional conferences

International Experience

         Short-term (3 weeks) groundwater project in Uganda



M.S., 1988 Geology.  University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR.

B.S., 1983 Geology.  University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR.



Groundwater/Surface-Water Interaction Field Course, Cape Cod, June, 2016

Water-Quality Toolbox for National Water Information Systems, Denver, May, 2016

USGS Field Water-Quality Methods for Groundwater and Surface-Water, Denver, CO, July 23-Aug 3, 2007

Applied Fluvial Geomorphology - February 5-9, 2001, Fayetteville, AR

Groundwater Hydrology: Principles, Exploration, and Measurement,

         Wright State University, Center for Groundwater Management, Spring Semester, 1992

Subsurface and Groundwater Modeling, Rice University, December 10-12, 1992

Control, Containment and Remediation of Groundwater Contaminants, Environmental Education Enterprises, San Antonio, TX, Jan., 1993

Treatment Technologies for Superfund, Little Rock, AR, 1993



Water-Quality Specialist, GS12/13, U.S. Geological Survey, Arkansas Water Science Center, Little Rock, AR (April 2007 – Present).

Project manager of various groundwater and water-quality related investigations, ranging from 1-3 years in duration and greater than $700,000 in individual total funding. Responsible for field studies, including scheduling and management of field technicians; data collection, analysis, and interpretation; completing project tasks in timely manner; budget management; and lead author for related publications in addition to reviewing technical reports at a local and National level. Invited as presenter and technical expert on water-related topics at numerous meetings, science forums, and workshops and with various local, State and Federal agencies and private forums. Also responsible for generating new projects, designing and writing project proposals, and meeting and developing relationships with prospective funding collaborators and partners. Served as a point of contact for cooperators and potential cooperators providing expert advice/input and direct assistance in highly technical and complex issues of groundwater hydrology and geochemistry. Selected to serve on National team at the John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis in Fort Collins, Colorado, which looked at effects to groundwater and surface water from activities at shale-gas production facilities throughout the United States. Lead author on Aquifers of Arkansas-Protection, Management, and Hydrologic and Geochemical Characteristics of Groundwater Resources in Arkansas, a book providing a wealth of information on geology, water use and water levels, groundwater modeling, geochemistry for 16 major and minor aquifers in Arkansas.

Geologist, P.G., Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Little Rock, AR (November 1990 – March, 2007).

Project Manager for USEPA 106 Groundwater Protection Program. Responsible for formulating groundwater protection policies, guidelines and standards; designing and implementing statewide groundwater monitoring program; conducting special investigations of statewide, groundwater quality problems; and representing Department on numerous statewide, groundwater-related committees. Project Coordinator for cases involving groundwater contamination including the review of technical reports with respect to proper design and construction of monitoring wells, pumping test data and interpretation, flow and contaminant-transport modeling, and remediation design and implementation. Served as project leader on various special groundwater-related projects, including transport and fate of pesticides in groundwater, saltwater intrusion, and impacts from confined animal operations (received 1998 EPA Environmental Excellence Award for contributions in partnership with others to improve animal waste management in the Buffalo National River Watershed). One special investigation was the first in Arkansas to document the occurrence, distribution, and source of elevated arsenic concentrations in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer in eastern Arkansas. Ambient monitoring activities focused on studying the natural geochemical evolution groundwater throughout the State based on rock/water interactions and changes in redox zonation, in addition to determining anthropogenic impacts using statistical and graphical methods. Principal Instructor during six-week summer Field Hydrogeology course sponsored by USGS and the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Also served as hydrogeologist with a team of scientists conducting a three-week investigation of food and water-related health issues in Uganda, Africa, in the summer of 1999.

Vice President, Geotechnical Engineering (January 1989 - October 1989) DISC International Consultants, Little Rock, AR.

Responsible for both field and office operations, supervising the functions of other geologists as well as field technicians. Responsible for management of all geologists, technical writers, drillers, field personnel, and all others involved in environmental section of the company.  Specific tasks included business development and project management for underground storage tank investigations; groundwater remediation programs; installation, development and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells; and report writing.

Water Resource Specialist (July 1987 - January 1989), New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division, Surface Water Quality Bureau, Santa Fe, NM.

Enforcement of New Mexico Water Quality Control Regulations.  Conducted site assessments on proposed municipal wastewater treatment plants and coordinated with Groundwater Department on spill inspections to evaluate potential impact on both surface water and groundwater.  Coordinated with EPA on treatment plant inspections and assisted small communities by troubleshooting plant operations.

Consulting Geologist, Ozark Geological Services, Fayetteville, AR (April 1985 - May 1987).

Responsibilities included auger drilling for soil sampling and analysis, drilling observation wells for water quality analysis, geologic and potentiometric surface mapping, water-quality analysis, shallow geophysics, landfill site feasibility studies, and report writing.

Laboratory Research Assistant, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR (August 1982 - August 1985).

Analysis, drafting, experiment design, and data collecting for PCB sorption in laboratory-simulated lake environment. Experience with Delta 3200 Liquid Scintillation counting system for Carbon 14.



Arkansas Chemical Groundwater Management Plan Committee

Arkansas Groundwater Quality Protection Strategy Technical Steering Committee

Arkansas Groundwater Vulnerability Work Group

Arkansas Water Resources Center Technical Advisory Committee

Comprehensive State Groundwater Protection Program Committee

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Karst Resources Support Team

Confined Animal Waste Task Force Technical Advisory Committee

Pest Management Strategic Plan for Cotton Grown in the Mid-South Advisory Committee

University of Arkansas Department of Geosciences External Advisory Board (5-year term)

USGS John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis – Hydraulic fracturing and water resources: An assessment of the potential effects of shale gas development on water resources in the United States

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Earth Sciences Advisory Council (Chairman)

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Environmental Engineering Advisory Board

University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Big Creek Research and Extension Team




Registered Professional Geologist, State of Arkansas, 1989.

Registered Professional Geologist, State of Tennessee, 1989.

Arkansas Groundwater Association

American Water Resources Association - Arkansas Section

(Secretary-Treasurer, 1992-1993; President-Elect, 1993-1994; President, 1994-1995)

National Groundwater Association