Todd A Koenig, P.E.

Civil Engineer and Hydrologist supporting the Observing Systems Division of the USGS Water Resources MIssion Area (WMA).



  • 10+ years with USGS HQ Office of Surface Water, Observing Systems Division, and Integrated Information and Dissemination Division
  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • B.S., Civil Engineering: University of Missouri-Rolla
  • 5 years implementing large scale medical database and software systems
  • 2 years counseling at-risk youth
  • B.A., Liberal Arts: University of North Texas. 

Primary responsibilities:

  • Field support and software planning for the USGS Hydrologic Networks Branch including future unified field observations application (UFO)
  • Product Owner for the USGS Flood Event Viewer and Short Term Network (STN) program

Supporting roles:

  • Member of the USGS WMA Office of Quality Assurance's Technical Review Implementation Committee
  • Member of the USGS WaterAlert Technical Advisory Committee
  • Member of the USGS Surface Velocity Working Group ("SurfBoard")
  • Author of various flood-related publications listed below
  • Literature reviewer for WMA and Water Science Center (WSC) publications


  • 2017 Shoemaker Award for External Communications Excellence

Previous roles:

  • Acting Technology Transfer Specialist for the USGS Office of Policy and Analysis
  • Acting Chief of the Decision Support Branch within the WMA Information Integration and Dissemination Division, providing tools and leadership to enhance and increase the use of USGS science and information in water resource management, extreme event preparedness and response, and policy development.
  • Deputy National Flood Hazard Coordinator: assisting the WMA Extreme Hydrologic Evens Coordinator and the National Flood Hazard Coordinator 
  • Tri-annual surface water review team leader at USGS Water Science Centers across the U.S.
  • Product Owner for the USGS National Streamflow Statistics program in coordination with the StreamStats development team
  • Technical reviewer of indirect (forensic) streamflow measurements
  • Committee member: interagency model registry scoping team (USACE / NOAA / USGS)
  • Author of annual USGS report to the Transportation Research Board
  • Contract liaison for WMA software contracting
  • Hydrologic technician in the Missouri WSC
  • Instructor for annual USGS Open Channel Hydraulics course
  • Committee member: USGS Risk Translation Writing Team
  • Software specialist responding to WMA software questions at