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Date published: May 1, 2018
Status: Active

Bird Banding Laboratory

The Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) is an integrated scientific program supporting the collection, archiving, management and dissemination of information from banded and marked birds in North America to monitor the status and trends of resident and migratory bird populations. As birds are good indicators of the health of the environment, the status and trends of bird populations are critical for...

Date published: April 30, 2018
Status: Active

Georgia Statewide Water-quality Monitoring Program

The US Geological Survey (USGS) has cooperated with the State of Georgia to monitor water quality throughout the State since 1937. The current Statewide Water-quality Montoring Program is a network of 50 stations across Georgia operated in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GAEPD). Over the years, the temporal and spatial...

Date published: April 2, 2018
Status: Active

Heavy-Mineral Sand Resources in the Southeastern U.S.

We are assessing the extent of industrial mineral resources hosted by heavy-mineral sands in the coastal plain of the southeastern United States. “Heavy-mineral sands" (HMS) is a term commonly used in industry and geologic literature to describe layered sediments deposited in coastal environments that contain dense (“heavy") minerals of economic value. The heavy minerals extracted from these...

Date published: February 1, 2018
Status: Active

Hurricane Matthew - Forecast and Documentation of Coastal Change

Hurricane Matthew coastal change forecast and pre- and post-storm photos documenting coastal change.

Date published: January 24, 2018

Leadership of the South Atlantic Water Science Center

Leadership of the South Atlantic Water Science Center

Date published: January 18, 2018
Status: Active

National Assessment of Storm-Induced Coastal Change Hazards

The overall objective is to improve real-time and scenario-based predictions of coastal change to support management of coastal infrastructure, resources, and safety. Research is part of the  National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards project.

Date published: January 18, 2018
Status: Active

National Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise

This research seeks to objectively determine the relative risks due to future sea-level rise for the U.S. Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Research is part of National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards project. 

Date published: January 18, 2018
Status: Active

Long-Term Coastal Change

Goals of this project include developing and improving coastal-change assessments and supporting long-term planning and decision making to ensure sustainable coastal economies, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Research is part of the National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards...

Date published: January 17, 2018
Status: Active

National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards

Research to identify areas that are most vulnerable to coastal change hazards including beach and dune erosion, long-term shoreline change, and sea-level rise.

Date published: December 29, 2017
Status: Active

Chattahoochee River, Georgia BacteriAlert

Background:   How safe is it to swim, wade, and boat in the Chattahoochee River today? For a highly urbanized river such as the Chattahoochee, much of the answer depends on bacteria levels in the water. This website provides "real time" turbidity data, the estimated Escherichia coli (E coli) bacteria count, the most recent E. coli bacteria counts (sample collected each Thursday), and National...

Date published: December 6, 2017
Status: Completed

Research and Investigations

The USGS South Atlantic Water Science Center (SAWSC) is comprised of water-science offices throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

The SAWSC conducts research and investigations related to topics such as groundwater and surface-water quality related to anthropogenic and agricultural activities, hydraulic...

Date published: June 7, 2017

Georgia Geologic Survey - Joint USGS and GGS Publications

The South Atlantic Water Science Center - Georgia Office cooperates with the Georgia Geologic Survey in many hydrologic projects. A number of joint publications have been published over the years.

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