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Date published: June 26, 2019
Status: Active

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Date published: June 4, 2019
Status: Active

Appalachian Basin Geologic Mapping Project

The Appalachian Basin Geologic Mapping Project performs geologic mapping at local and regional scales, and geologic research in The Valley and Ridge and Appalachian Plateaus physiographic provinces. These provinces include parts of 11 states and mainly borders the Blue Ridge / Piedmont and North Interior Lowlands Provinces. Two states have Valley and Ridge geology only (GA, NJ), two have...

Date published: April 19, 2019
Status: Active

United States Assessments of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources

USGS Energy Resources Program provides periodic assessments of the oil and natural gas endowment of the United States and the World (click here for information about World Oil and Gas Assessments).  This website provides access to new, prioritized, assessment results and supporting data for the United States, as part...

Date published: March 28, 2019
Status: Active

Sea Level and Storm Hazards: Past and Present

Sea level and Storm Hazards: Past and Present is a multidisciplinary study of past changes in sea level. Prehistoric shorelines can be used as a baseline for current and future sea level changes under warmer-than-present climate. Emphasis is placed on looking at sea levels during warm periods of the last 500,000 years as well as how base level changes increase the risk of coastal inundation...

Date published: February 25, 2019
Status: Active

Urban Waters Federal Partnership—Patapsco Watershed (Baltimore, Md. region)

Several watersheds in the Baltimore region have elevated PCB loads in tidal waters. Local jurisdictions are responsible for reducing PCB loading from their watersheds. The USGS is embarking on a pilot study in the Patapsco watershed that will help determine sources of PCBs and will demonstrate innovative monitoring and analysis techniques for more efficient use of mitigation resouces.

Date published: February 21, 2019
Status: Active

Genomic and Behavioral Effects of the Neonicotinoid Imidacloprid in Birds Exposed Through Pesticide-Coated Seeds

The Challenge: Neonicotinoid pesticides act as agonists of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) and are designed to be lethal to insects while theoretically posing little to no threat to vertebrates. The perceived safety of neonicotinoids has led to a sharp increase in their use in the United States and globally, since they were first introduced in 1994. The use of the neonicotinoid...

Date published: December 19, 2018
Status: Active

Eastern Basins Oil and Gas Assessments

The USGS has conducted several assessments of undiscovered oil and gas in formations in the Blue Ridge Thrust Belt (5068), Piedmont Province (5069), Atlantic Coastal Plain Province (5070), and the New England Province (5072).  These basins are generally east of the Appalachian Basin...

Date published: November 12, 2018
Status: Active

Geological Investigations of the Neogene

More than a third of the United States population lives in counties directly on the shoreline, making them vulnerable to hazards associated with changing sea level and storm surges associated with hurricanes and severe storms. The geologic record contains many examples of past intervals of warm climate and high sea level. "Geological Investigation of the Neogene" is examining proxy records of...

Date published: October 25, 2018
Status: Active

Quantifying and explaining patterns in nutrient and sediment export from urban streams within the Chesapeake Bay watershed- Rosemary Fanelli

Urban landscapes in the Chesapeake Bay (CB) watershed are growing at a rapid pace. A key component for the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort is identifying factors that control pollutant export from urban streams. Join our diverse team of water quality experts to explore emerging approaches to quantifying and explaining patterns in pollutant export in urban streams.

Date published: October 23, 2018
Status: Active

Assessing the role of automated telemetry data and mark-recapture approaches to improve estimates of bird population trends at migration banding stations- Bruce Peterjohn

Assessing the role of automated telemetry data and mark-recapture approaches to improve estimates of bird population trends at migration banding stations.

Date published: October 17, 2018
Status: Active

Terrestrial wildlife and unconventional oil and gas development: high volume horizontal drilling- Paula Henry

The goal of this research project is to determine whether recent developments in unconventional energy extraction may be putting resident terrestrial wildlife at risk of decline.

Date published: October 16, 2018
Status: Active

Response of a tidal brackish marsh to global change drivers: an ecosystem level manipulation of warming and elevated carbon dioxide- Glenn Guntenspergen

The USGS and the Smithsonian Institution have initiated the first in situ active aboveground and belowground warming experiment in a coastal wetland that is focused on wetland temperature responses and also examines the interaction between warming, elevated CO2, and inundation frequency on wetland resilience in the face of changes in global change drivers.