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The Alaska Region represents a resource-rich, dynamic landscape shaped by volcanos, earthquakes, major rivers, and glaciers. Here, we conduct research to inform management of Alaska’s extensive natural resources, inform national Arctic energy policy, and provide scientific information to help others understand, respond to, and mitigate impacts from natural hazards.

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Image: Sampling Stream Water in Denali National Park, Alaska

Sampling Stream Water in Denali National Park, Alaska

Ed Pfeifer of the USGS Southwest Geographic Science Team collecting water samples during field work for a study of Dall sheep habitat in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Clear day view of Redoubt Hut

Redoubt - Hut

Camera is located at AVO's Redoubt Hut, approximately 7.5 mi (12 km) from Redoubt's summit crater. This camera provides a view of the north flank of Redoubt. This camera is in a remote location and operates on battery power. We will set this camera to power on as much as batteries allow. Redoubt summit is approximately 10,200 ft above sea level.

When the camera is "

View of a beach that's mostly mud with some dried grasses and rocks, shown at low tide with birds and ice in the water.

Unalakleet video camera 1 time exposure

Two video cameras overlook the coast from atop a windmill tower in Unalakleet, Alaska where they look westward over Norton Sound. Every half hour during daylight hours, the cameras collect snapshots and video for 10 minutes. Today’s most recent time-exposure (timex) image from camera 1 is shown here. Please note that it takes 10 minutes for the images to be posted, once

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August 1, 2017

Movements and Habitat Use of White-fronted Geese

Flint, P. L. and B. W. Meixell. 2017. Movements and habitat use of White-fronted geese during the remigial molt in Arctic Alaska, USA. Waterbirds 40(3):272-281. doi:10.1675/063.040.0308