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Image: Ranch in the Green River Valley, Wyoming

Ranch in the Green River Valley, Wyoming

A section of the Upper Green River Valley in western Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, showing different ecosystems (such as forests, wetlands, and aquatic habitats) whose capacities for carbon storage and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will be assessed by the USGS. Scientists with the USGS are assessing the potential to store carbon

YVO Webcam at Yellowstone Lake

YVO Webcam at Yellowstone Lake

The camera view is south-southeast over Yellowstone Lake from the cell phone tower near Fishing Bridge. Stevenson Island is visible within the lake on the right. The view extends down the Southeast Arm between the Promontory (low ridge rising from the lake) and the eastern shore. Above the shore, the acid-bleached Brimstone Basin remains white even when the snows have

Snowpack-sampling pit near Dunckley Pass, Colorado
April 24, 2019

Rocky Mountain Regional Snowpack Chemistry Monitoring Site List

Rocky Mountain Regional Snowpack Chemistry Monitoring Study Station identification and snow-sampling-site location information.

Mount Washburn - Northeastern View

At 10,243 feet, Mount Washburn towers above Dunraven Pass between Tower Junction and Canyon Village. A fire lookout stationed at the summit provides a popular destination for day hikers, as well as housing for an employee who watches for and tracks fires throughout the summer. This webcam is located inside the living quarters on the top floor and looks out to the northeast


Mammoth Hot Springs - Travertine Terraces and Parade Ground Webcam

Yellowstone is a place of change, and this view highlights a place where change is constant and evident—the travertine terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs. Terraces form when water rises through limestone, which then allows the water to carry high amounts of dissolved calcium carbonate. At the surface, carbon dioxide is released and the calcium carbonate is deposited, forming