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308.68 – Field Managers Team

The Field Managers Team (FMT) serves as a forum for providing input into the development, review, and improvement of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) operational policies and procedures that affect field science centers.


OPR:  Office of Administration

Instruction:  Replaces SM 308.68 dated 8/1/2013.

1.  Establishment. Established by the Associate Director for Administration (AD/OA).

2.   Purpose.   The Field Managers Team (FMT) serves as a forum for providing input into the development, review, and improvement of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) operational policies and procedures that affect field science centers. The FMT also serves as a forum for providing information to their respective organizations.   The team, whose members represent field science centers as a whole, will raise issues of field concern and will work with appropriate headquarters and regional officials to resolve the issues.   The team will also serve as a resource for USGS officials charged with developing Bureau policies and procedures.   These officials may discuss proposed policies, objectives, and desired outcomes directly with the FMT in order to ensure that proposed policies achieve desired objectives and are implemented in a manner which furthers the field science centers’ management and execution of scientific and technical projects.

3.   Membership.

A.   Members.   The team will be comprised of seven field science center managers, one identified from each geographic area; three field science center administrative officers; and one regional management officer who, in addition to serving as a member of the FMT, will also serve as liaison between the FMT and the Business Leadership Team (BLT).   Should a member be unable to personally participate in a scheduled meeting, the FMT member will designate an alternate.

B.   Membership Tenure.   Members will serve a term of 2 or 3 years.   Initial appointments to the team and subsequent replacement of team members will be staggered in order to provide team continuity.

C.   Chairperson.   The Chairperson will be a field science center manager selected by the team from among its members and will serve a 3-year term.   If a member, whose term would expire within the 3-year term, is selected as Chairperson, his/her membership tenure (see 3.B. above) will be extended in order to complete a 3-year term as Chairperson.

D.   Membership Nomination.   Each Regional Director will be responsible for nominating a Science Center Director from their each geographic area and should work together to nominate from the seven Regions, three field science center Administrative Officers.   The BLT will nominate the Regional Management Officer.

E.   The AD/OA will review membership nominations to ensure a representational mix of field science centers.

F.   Ex Officio Membership.   To provide program guidance, the following USGS officials will serve as non-voting ex-officio FMT members: Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director for Administration; Deputy Associate Director for Human Capital; Chief, Office of Accounting and Financial Management; Chief, Office of Acquisition and Grants; Chief, Office of Policy and Analysis; Chief, Office of Management Services; Integration Officer, Budget, Planning and Integration; and a representative from Enterprise Information.

4.   Type of Organization.   Permanent.

5.   Reporting.   The FMT reports to the AD/OA.

6.   Staff.   None.   The Deputy AD/OA will ensure that minutes are prepared, distributed, and maintained.

7.   Resources.   Salary expenses for the time required for FMT members to participate in team activities will be funded by their respective cost centers or, if funds are available, by their sponsoring program or mission areas.   Non-salary related expenses are expected to be minimal and will be funded as agreed upon by the Chairperson of the FMT and the AD/OA.

8.   Meetings.   The FMT will meet on a monthly basis; typically, via a conference call.   Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chairperson.

9.   Subcommittees.   The Chairperson is authorized to appoint subcommittees on an ad hoc basis with the endorsement of the FMT.

10.   Termination Date.   None.   The need for continuation of the FMT will be reviewed every 3 years.


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