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AEI 2011-06 (Addendum to APS 2004-14 dated August 12, 2004), Special Policy Guidance Related to Hurricane Irene Storm Surge 2011 Reference:  IM 2004-14; Emergency Spending Related to Extreme Natural Hazard Events

Issuance Date: August 26, 2011

Expiration Date: Retain until obsolete


It is anticipated that many U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) offices and employees will be involved in emergency assistance and response activities related to Hurricane Irene. Because of the wide-ranging nature of involvement and complexity of funding sources, these guidelines supersede those contained in IM 2004-14, for this particular emergency event only.

It is extremely important that USGS has accurate and complete financial reporting to the Congress, Department of Interior, Office of Management and Budget, and those other Federal Agencies who could possibly be reimbursing us for Hurricane Irene work.

Please note that cost centers should expect to absorb the costs associated with extreme natural hazard events, and will be expected to close out the appropriate fiscal year properly. Continuing to track the costs in separate accounts will give USGS the information needed in order to request an emergency supplemental, if USGS has the opportunity to submit one.

Listed below is the BASIS+ Project information and WBS element structure to be used for capturing Hurricane Irene costs. For this event we will not be tracking by “Continuity of Service” or “Analysis of Risk” categories.

Each cost center with a role in responding to Hurricane Irene must follow the instructions below for the different types of funding categories.

If you have any questions regarding this guidance, please contact your Area Team Lead in the Funds Management Branch.  Additionally, Robert Mason, Office of Surface Water, has been designated as the USGS HQ Project Coordinator with overall responsibility for the Hurricane Irene Storm Surge Network 2011

WBS Element Structure Guidance

In BASIS+ WBS Elements (Accounts) will be tied to the cost center's "00S" project with a different task designated for Hurricane Irene Storm Surge.  The newly created WBS Elements (Accounts) must be established using the cost center’s mission-related functional area and fund. 

  • For appropriated, use fund code SIRMD.
  • For reimbursable, follow normal procedures for assigning functional area.
  • Charge full burden unless some specific language is attached to the funds that are received.

The account numbering schemes for work performed under these projects follows:

Characters 1-2 = USGS and Project Type (Appropriated)
Characters 3-4 = Fiscal Year
Characters 5-8 = Fund Center/Cost Center
Characters 9-13 = Project number
Characters 14-15 = Level 1 (Parent) WBS

  • Parent WBS Element (Account) Examples –

    GX.11.FFFF.08000.00 - Hurricane Irene Storm Surge 2011
    GX.11.FFFF.08100.00 - Emergency Response Event #2
    GX.11.FFFF.08200.00 - Emergency Response Event #3 
    GX.11.FFFF.08300.00 - Emergency Response Event #4

The WBS elements must be created in BASIS+ and interfaced to FBMS.  After successful interface through the nightly cycle, these WBS element numbers must be established in Quicktime immediately and used for tracking all hours and salary costs.

If you have any questions regarding the policy and guidelines above, please contact your Area Team Lead in the Office of Accounting and Financial Management, Funds Management Branch.  


//s// Karen D. Baker_________                                                   Date:  August 26, 2011
Karen D. Baker
Associate Director for Administration and Enterprise Information