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HC 2012-01 (AEI 2012-01), SM 205.1, Human Resources Management, Appendix B, Section A-7, Delegations of Authority for Directed Reassignment Outside of Local Commuting Area

Issuance Date:  November 10, 2011

Expiration Date:  Retain until obsolete


1.  Purpose.  This Instructional Memorandum redelegates authority to the Regional Executive or Associate Director with authority over employee’s current position of record and Regional Executive or Associate Director with authority over the vacant position, and requires concurrence from the Associate Director for the Program Area.  Consultation with Servicing Human Resources staff, with coordination through the Associate Director for Human Capital is also required.

2.  Policy.  General provisions regarding policy and limitations are established in SM 200.1, Delegations, and general provisions regarding policy and guidelines on redelegations are established in SM 200.2, Redelegations.


/s/ Karen D. Baker                                                                                 November 10, 2011                                              
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Karen D. Baker                                                                                       Date
Associate Director for Administration and Enterprise Information