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HC 2012-03 (AEI 2012-03), SM 205.1, Human Resources Management, Appendix B, Section C-2 thru C-3(a)(2) and Section C-3(b)(1) and C-3(b)(2), Employee Relations - Awards

Issuance Date:  March 8, 2012

Expiration Date:  This IM will remain in effect until September 30, 2012.


1.  Purpose.  This Instructional Memorandum (IM) delegates the authority to approve Quality Step Increases and both individual and group Special Thanks for Achieving Results (STAR) Awards up to $5,000 to the Associate Directors or Regional Executives.  This approval authority also extends to any performance awards that have not yet been requested and processed as of the date of this IM.  This authority may not be redelegated down any further than the aforementioned executive levels.

2.  Policy.  General provisions regarding policy and limitations are established in SM 200.1, Delegations, and general provisions regarding policy and guidelines on redelegations are established in SM 200.2, Redelegations.


/s/ William H. Werkheiser                                                               March 8, 2012                    
________________________________________________      ___________________
William H. Werkheiser                                                                            Date
Acting Associate Director for Administration, 
Enterprise Information, and Human Capital