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Advantages and Opportunities

Technology transfer programs move federally funded research products and technologies from the lab to the marketplace. This results in increased visibility and value for research programs and demonstrates the relevance of partnerships. This process also recognizes the importance of inventors in fueling American innovation.

Advantages of Technology Transfer

  • Develops a platform to share ideas
  • Protects intellectual property 
  • Promotes economic development through commercializing innovative technology 
  • Enhances collaboration between the federal and non-federal science 
  • Provides non-federal entities the ability to access federal technical assistance and facilities
  • Accomplishes goals that neither party could achieve on their own through sharing and/or combining resources

Who Benefits from Technology Transfer?

Everyone involved in technology transfer receives the benefits listed above but the impacts of technology transfer extend beyond the partners. The U.S industry is positively impacted with more advanced products, processes, and services which results in increased efficiency and effectiveness, greater presence in the market, and increased profits. This helps strengthen the U.S economy which, in turn, benefits all citizens.