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Below you will find information about the training resources we have available to inform users on how to use the services and interactive maps produced by the NGP and NGTOC.

Videos on Using The National Map Products and Services
Course Goals and Objectives

  • The videos are organized in modules that center on The National Map (TNM) and the variety of products and services that it provides.
  • Viewers will learn how The National Map is easily accessible for display on the web, as products and services, and as downloadable data.
  • Viewers will learn how other types of geographic information can be added within The National Map Viewer or brought in with National Map data into a Geographic Information System to create specific types of maps or map views.


National Map Viewer Help Pages

A reference for using the tools on the National Map Viewer.


How to Use The National Map Services

Users are encouraged to integrate within their own mapping applications any and all of the map services offered through The National Map. There are no use restrictions on these services. Content is limited to the United States and Territories. Additional information can be found in the FAQ relating to Terms of Use and Licensing.