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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Creation Tool

April 8, 2016

This service allows USGS personnel to assign globally unique, persistent, and resolvable identifiers, registered with DataCite, to USGS-funded data & software products. Included as part of the formal citation for the data or software release, a DataCite DOI can be cited by subsequent users of the product, and thus facilitate credit for, and understanding of, data & software reuse.

The DataCite DOIs generated by this tool should be assigned to USGS-funded data & software products (such as data releases, services, models, and software). This Tool should not be used to assign DOIs for primary research publications; publication DOIs are assigned directly by the external journal, or by the USGS Science Publishing Network.

Users can request and hold a DOI in the DOI Tool until they receive official approval for release of the data or software product, and then return to the Tool to authorize activation of the DOI with the DataCite index.

To generate a DataCite DOI, DOI Tool users need to submit brief citation metadata, including the title, creator(s), publication date, type of product, abstract, dates relevant to the product, and an online link to the product. These citation metadata can be updated at anytime.

This Tool is developed and managed by the USGS Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) Science Data Management Branch (SDM), which provides Bureau-wide leadership to optimize and share USGS science data management practices and workflows. SDM designs, supports, and builds community around enterprise tools and services that align with the USGS Science Data Lifecycle to ensure scientific data are fully described, preserved, and publicly accessible.