Information Systems RSS feed of news related to Information Systems en USGS New Supercomputer Helps Scientists Wrangle Data;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Earlier this year, the U.S. Geological Survey’s Science Analytics and Synthesis Advanced Research Computing (ARC) installed its newest supercomputer, Hovenweep at the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center.</p> Fri, 1 Dec 2023 12:00:00 EST 4a890bd7-dde9-477d-abe4-028cc5d77818 ( U.S. Geological Survey Inspired by EROS: See Unisphere Display at Sioux Falls Museum;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Forgotten plans for a 12-story sphere inspired by the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center are part of an exhibit at the Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.</p> Wed, 29 Nov 2023 11:11:05 EST 303cc011-36df-4f80-9e73-2f8739316864 ( U.S. Geological Survey New Landsat 9 Cloud Cover Assessment Validation Dataset Published;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Clouds are unavoidable in space-borne optical imagery. Accurate, well-documented, and automated cloud detection algorithms are necessary to effectively leverage large collections of remotely sensed data. Manually generated cloud truth masks support the efficiency of the selected algorithms.</p> Mon, 27 Nov 2023 11:46:10 EST 234307a2-a49e-4081-bf07-e8f5963ac8ea ( U.S. Geological Survey Recording Available for Webinar: How to develop successful synthesis proposals for submission to the John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>A recording of the webinar is available by contacting Jill Baron or Demi Bingham</p> Thu, 16 Nov 2023 17:23:56 EST 850a710f-2f4c-40eb-a39a-e71dff3d5de1 ( U.S. Geological Survey Landsat Level-1 Product Processing Resumes;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The issues that affected the Landsat processing system earlier today have been resolved and Level-1 product processing has resumed.</p> Thu, 16 Nov 2023 16:27:22 EST ae454d68-cc04-49c0-b925-8869ac760694 ( U.S. Geological Survey Recently Processed Landsat 8 Products Removed from USGS Inventory;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>In October 2023, a Landsat 8 satellite anomaly forced Level-1 product processing to pause while the data acquired were assessed. After the satellite recovered and data acquisitions resumed, a number of scenes were processed with updated calibration information and made available for download.</p> Thu, 16 Nov 2023 15:42:13 EST edbdc92d-95df-46bf-97a5-654353ebe06c ( U.S. Geological Survey Landsat 8, Landsat 9 Level-1 Product Processing Encountering Issues;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Level-1 product processing of Landsat 8 and Landsat 9 scenes from <strong>November 15, 2023, to the present is suspended</strong> while engineers investigate an issue with the processing systems.</p> Thu, 16 Nov 2023 09:49:35 EST f83e402b-b594-4a7a-a22b-4ba412a36c25 ( U.S. Geological Survey EROS Director Pete Doucette Speaking at SDSU Public Event;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Dr. Pete Doucette, Director of the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center in South Dakota, will speak at a free public lecture about “New Directions in Land Change Science” on November 17, 2023, at South Dakota State University.</p> Tue, 7 Nov 2023 13:01:09 EST 5ae084fc-7dfb-4aea-8cb7-89ce70548c36 ( U.S. Geological Survey EROS 50th History: Becoming a Ground Station;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>It’s part of our origins legend: In 1970, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was tapped to host the U.S. Geological Survey’s new Earth-observing satellite data center in part because its location allowed reception from all 48 contiguous states.</p> <p>So why, then, has the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center only received Landsat signals directly since 1999—about half of its 50-year existence?</p> Mon, 6 Nov 2023 07:30:00 EST b4a0c126-f7b0-4069-8143-c6e881f594a9 ( U.S. Geological Survey November 8, 2023 CDI Monthly Meeting;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The November 8, 2023 CDI monthly virtual meeting will feature presentations on landsat, communities of practice, and open science lessons.</p> Wed, 1 Nov 2023 15:54:47 EDT 1c737933-4412-4538-b277-8c41268720ea ( U.S. Geological Survey FY25 Call for Proposals;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The Powell Center invites researchers to submit proposals for two-year synthesis projects on any Earth or environmental science topic.</p> Tue, 31 Oct 2023 15:54:45 EDT 25ba72dd-7cd7-49e9-bb5f-0adcf71ce8d3 ( U.S. Geological Survey Bipartisan Infrastructure Law supports more than $5.8M for states to preserve vital geologic data and support infrastructure development;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p><strong>RESTON, Va.</strong> — The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will award $5.8 million supported by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to 32 state geological surveys to enable them to preserve vital geologic and geophysical data and samples as part of <strong>the USGS National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program</strong>. </p> Thu, 26 Oct 2023 11:58:47 EDT 43327615-951f-4b60-9dcc-ee3ef324053e ( U.S. Geological Survey Powell Center Seminar: Water-Use Data in the United States: Challenges and Future Directions - Ben Ruddell, Northern Arizona University;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The Powell Center hosted a seminar on Water-Use Data in the United States, with Ben Ruddell.</p> Wed, 25 Oct 2023 17:20:05 EDT 27591b87-6895-42e5-bb70-9bcd4c97448e ( U.S. Geological Survey USGS Awards Competitive Remote Sensing Grant to AmericaView;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The U.S. Geological Survey awards $1.47 million to AmericaView as the recipient of the National Land Remote Sensing Education, Outreach and Research Activity grant. </p> Thu, 12 Oct 2023 11:30:00 EDT 0d791cbf-bb53-4f47-a207-365b88881c10 ( U.S. Geological Survey Recording now available for seminar: Integrating abundance and trait data reveals the macroecology of invasive plant impacts;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The <strong>recording is now available</strong> for the Powell Center seminar series, " Integrating abundance and trait data reveals the macroecology of invasive plant impacts" with Dana Blumenthal (USDA), Ian Pearse (USGS), Helen Sofaer (USGS), Daniel Buonaiuto (University of Massachussets), and Magda Garbowski (University of Wyoming).</p> Tue, 10 Oct 2023 18:07:31 EDT 0f53e4a5-60b8-462f-a1f2-1c9b8e4ce821 ( U.S. Geological Survey October 11, 2023 CDI Monthly Meeting;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The October 11, 2023 CDI monthly virtual meeting will feature presentations on geospatial image-segmentation and mapping and drought data stories.</p> Tue, 10 Oct 2023 18:02:36 EDT 2a6366f2-4083-4ac0-8406-11d8aece5db4 ( U.S. Geological Survey October ScienceBase Data Release Training for USGS Authors and Data Managers;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The USGS Science Data Management Branch will be hosting two upcoming training events for USGS authors and data managers. The first will be our general ScienceBase data release training and the second will be training on how to revise a data release in ScienceBase. Please share this email with other researchers at your science center.</p> Tue, 10 Oct 2023 17:36:21 EDT cb6a7853-e583-4bd6-a9e0-13e5df0002db ( U.S. Geological Survey One Hundredth Drag Make-Up Maneuver for Landsat 8;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>On October 5, 2023, at 2:26:00 EST (18:26:00 GMT), the USGS Landsat Flight Operations Team executed the 100th Drag Make-Up Maneuver (DMU) on the Landsat 8 satellite. The DMU is used to counteract the effects of atmospheric drag on the spacecraft and maintain orbit circulation as well as maintain the strict constraints on the projected spacecraft ground track.</p> Tue, 10 Oct 2023 11:54:23 EDT b9eb1c60-0fa4-4efc-89c4-27e5ccb9c205 ( U.S. Geological Survey USGS announces elevation and hydrography data acquisition partnership opportunities.;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The U.S. Geological Survey issued a 3D National Topography Model Data Collaboration Announcement for funding partnership opportunities for elevation and hydrography data acquisition.</p> Fri, 22 Sep 2023 15:41:17 EDT 29a3ed86-96a5-4688-b5b4-7618c0002ad1 ( U.S. Geological Survey FORT Hosts 2023 SyncroSim User Conference;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>From September 19-22, the Fort Collins Science Center is hosting the 2023 SyncroSim User Conference.</p> Tue, 19 Sep 2023 12:18:58 EDT f6c6a0c0-a727-4f4c-bf86-26b145365396 ( U.S. Geological Survey EROS 50th History: Responding to Disasters;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Landsat satellites captured vivid imagery of the massive fires blazing across Canada earlier this year: orange flames, ugly burn scars, thick smoke.</p> <p>The U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center was ready to share relevant images and data as quickly as possible to agencies responding to the fires.</p> Thu, 14 Sep 2023 15:00:00 EDT 0470f67c-8218-473e-9b4e-9a30c0bf095c ( U.S. Geological Survey Make Your Benchmark: Join the Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>For more than 144 years, the USGS has built its reputation on providing the finest Earth science regarding the United States for decision-makers, land managers and the public. From bedrock foundational science to cutting-edge innovations, USGS scientists have been at the forefront of research into the environment, natural resources, natural hazards and mapping needs of the country. </p> Wed, 13 Sep 2023 03:00:00 EDT 6c90278e-a693-40b4-aec3-af4852254d7e ( U.S. Geological Survey CDI Request for Proposals for fiscal year 2024;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Join the CDI proposal process, an annual activity that showcases and selects ideas to solve data challenges and implement new technological innovations.</p> Tue, 5 Sep 2023 15:41:23 EDT 51fd914d-2396-4b46-ac88-6adf480ab18a ( U.S. Geological Survey EROS 50th History: Landsat Unites USGS and NASA;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Inspired by early images of the Earth from space, the Department of the Interior and the USGS had a bold idea in the 1960s to launch a satellite to keep a constant eye on Earth. But they needed NASA’s help to pull it off. </p> Tue, 5 Sep 2023 09:27:10 EDT b8061474-ad47-4838-a634-67378722f4be ( U.S. Geological Survey Celebrating a Half-Century at EROS;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>A half-century of capturing satellite imagery, teaching interpretation, and discovering new land change science distinguishes the USGS Earth Resource and Observation Science (EROS) Center. Celebrate 50 years of data and science with our newly published 50th anniversary website, complete with videos, timelines, articles, podcast episodes, and more! </p> Fri, 1 Sep 2023 09:18:32 EDT a66a20fc-6c0f-40e6-b5a8-126cc7f72af8 ( U.S. Geological Survey September 13, 2023 CDI Monthly Meeting;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>The September 13, 2023 CDI monthly virtual meeting will feature presentations on decision-support tools, LiDAR-equivalent elevation data, and the CDI Request for Proposals.</p> Thu, 31 Aug 2023 17:27:14 EDT 96cd6eb6-fd40-4c5b-b05f-0f6dce94278f ( U.S. Geological Survey EROS 50th History: Library Provides Mission Support;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Fifty years ago, Don Lee Kulow’s personal remote sensing library laid the foundation for today’s library at the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, part of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).</p> Wed, 30 Aug 2023 09:50:11 EDT af9dc49d-4270-4039-8174-14b1d3a060e7 ( U.S. Geological Survey USGS EROS Celebrates 50 Years of a Mission that Matters;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Fifty years ago, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) brought people together to work in a new government facility surrounded by South Dakota farm fields. The mission: act as stewards for land remote sensing imagery, especially the scenes collected by the fledgling Landsat satellite, and help people around the world make sense of it to benefit themselves and the planet.</p> Wed, 23 Aug 2023 15:09:00 EDT ab0edeab-dee0-426b-bd93-f48e5703c1a2 ( U.S. Geological Survey Using Evaluation Techniques to Determine Societal Impacts of Climate Adaptation Science;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>This story highlights a project team researching an aspect of open science—co-production—and demonstrates how teams can make sensitive social science data open and accessible.</p> Thu, 17 Aug 2023 11:39:29 EDT ed89b58b-9f06-495e-88f0-5e9c063b6929 ( U.S. Geological Survey EROS 50th History: Helping the World Through Science;utm_medium=rss&amp;utm_campaign=news <p>Millions of people in the United States and billions around the world live unaware that employees of a far-off USGS facility surrounded by South Dakota farm fields are working every day, in many different ways, to help improve their lives—and have been for decades.</p> Thu, 17 Aug 2023 09:27:59 EDT c26fd4fe-377e-42a0-9209-26f59827034c ( U.S. Geological Survey